• September 25, 2021

The Best Fortnite Wraps So Far

Fortnite wraps, or weapon skins, can enhance an already excellent weapon and turn it into an art piece. Like the best character outfits and other accessories in the game, the best Fortnite wraps are a matter of opinion, but having seen them all and used many of them ourselves, we tend to skew in favor of the really elaborate or iconic wraps. Here are our picks for Fortnite’s best wraps.

Sap is the instantly recognizable wrap that came with Groot during the all-Marvel Chapter 2, Season 4. But even if you’re not a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot’s wrap is great because it reimagines any of your metallic firearms as something resembling a wooden carving.

Cozy Holidays
Cozy Holidays is best used during the winter when Christmas is near, but when that time is right, it’s the best Christmas wrap released so far. It perfectly captures the look of a wrapped present, which is exactly what you intend to deliver to your opponents, right? Jingle all the way to victory.

Part of battle pass character TNTina’s Short Fuse set in Chapter 2, Season 2, the Blasted wrap is awesome because of its comic book stylings. Few wraps have even been given this cel-shaded look and none are more vibrant in your hands. It’s also very versatile as the solid red color goes great with a huge number of skins and sets.

The newest skin on this list, Cubed is an instant favorite because of its animated mini-Kevins floating from barrel to stock whenever you use this skin. It commemorates Season 8, but also the years-long mystery of these strange cubes. One day we’ll get answers, but for now, we have a fancy wrap.

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